• Which are the best towels?

    Well, buying towels is a very subjective matter. Not only do you need to choose the material and the color that suits your needs and personality, but you also need to pick the right size. We at Kurapati Textile Mill have all the options you can imagine when it comes to home furnishing products and towels. We have carefully studied the market and come up with different varieties in towel that are not only practical to use, but also look and feel better than the other products in the market. To know more and find out which towel suits you the best, you can log on to our website and scroll through the hundreds of options available.

  • How much does a towel cost?

    Like any other product, the cost of a towel majorly depends on the cost of production, the material used and brand value of the seller. Since we at Kurapati Textile Mill have been doing this for several years, we have found the right bargain. We can provide our loyal customers with premium quality products at prices as low as INR 249/-. Kurapati Textile Mill products are renowned for their superior quality. Not only that, in this reasonable price bracket, we also provide our customers with several colors and sizes of towels to choose from.

  • How do you wash towels?

    Washing towels is an easy job. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind before soaking them in water. You should always wash your towels in hot water. That will not only help in disinfecting the towel but also ensure that there is no damp smell. You can add a bit of bleach (only for white colored towels) or some vinegar to the water and give it a couple of rinses. When it comes to colored towels, it is essential to wash them separately as they can let off color. However, the rest of the process is similar.

  • How often should you wash your towels?

    Even though washing towels and drying them does not take a lot of time, you cannot pile your towel up every day for a wash. Washing a towel every day ruins its productivity along with the quality of the fabric it is made with. That being said, sanitation is crucial, which makes washing towels imperative. A towel should be washed once a week, but if you are a neatness freak, you can bump that number up to two times a week. Anything less than that can cause germs and bacteria to accumulate on the towel.

  • What is GSM in towel?

    GSM, an acronym for Grams per Square Meter, is a simple parameter that weighs the fabric used in your towel. It denotes how much fabric was woven into a square meter of the towel you are using. Since the GSM of a towel is directly related to the thickness of it, higher numbers usually mean that the towels are more absorbent and easier to soak. The GSM of a towel also majorly depends on which kind of cotton is being used to make it. The friendly user interface of our website displays the GSM of towel on the page, making it easier for you to make a choice.

  • Are linen towels better than cotton?

    While the popular opinion is that cotton towels are the best due to their super absorbent and quick-dry characteristics, linen towels are not as bad themselves. Although they take more time to dry up and are not as absorbent, they feel premium and soft to touch. If you are using a towel for your face, it is advised that you use a linen towel for two reasons: firstly, because you would not need the towel for a long time so you can leave it to dry and secondly, because the soft and plush texture will not hurt your skin. However, if you are looking for a bath towel, it is advised that you choose a cotton variant. As, cotton towels can soak up more water and dry easily, so you have a towel at your disposal all day. That being said, it really comes down to your preferences.